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Air Blast Sprayers - AgTec

Reasons for choosing AgTec:

  • Low Volume Concentrate Sprayers
  • 50-100 Micron Average Particle Size
  • Better Spray Converage/Better Foliar Penetration
  • Uses Less Water = More Time in the Field, More Acres per Tank
  • No "Drip Wet" = Less Chemical Wastage
  • Low Pressure Solution Delivery System = Low Maintenance
  • No Nozzles to Change, EVER! No Nozzles to Clog
  • Hassle Free Application Rate Metering
  • "Squirrel Cage" Fan
  • 190 MPH+ Airstream
  • Electric Valves Standard (Except 2004)
  • Continuous Hydraulic Sparger Agitation
  • Virtually Any Solution can be Run through the System
  • Spray Heads for Virtually Any Application
  • Heavy Duty, Rugged Construction Combined with Low Maintenance Requirements Provides Years and Years of Dependable Service
  • Made in the United States of America

2000 - 7000 Series Fans

AgTec offers four different fan sizes to fit your tractor and your needs. From the 2000 series requiring only 22 HP up to the big 7000 series requiring 120+ HP all of these fans produce a 190+ MPH airstream. When paired with the proper AgTec head, these "squirrel cage" fans allow our sprayers to fit both your tractor and your spray requirements.

AccuRate Touch Command Metering

With the AccuRate Touch Command metering system, setting and changing your application rate is made extremely simple. One simply uses an AgTec slide-rule to input the information such as row width and desired gallons per acre. The slide rule then provides the user with a number. The metering plate is then set to that number and that's it! The plate itself is made of stainless steel and will not corrode or wear out. Comes standard on all sprayers.

Mystifyer Air Shear Spray Outlets

The Mystifyer Air Shear Spray Outlets deliver the spray solution in to the 190 MPH+ air stream at low pressure (15-30 PSI). The solution is then sheared by the air into an average 50-100 micron droplet size that will actually stick to the plant and not drip off. This provides better coverage than the 300 micron droplet size from traditional nozzles on dulte sprayers. The large orifices and low pressure delivery system ensure that there will virtually never be any spray outlets clogging no matter what type of solution is being used. They are made of all metal with stainless steel deflectors and will stand up to years of use. Comes standard on all sprayers.

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